Introductory Talks

This is the first step in learning Transcendental Meditation. Your local teachers will explain how learning this simple technique may benefit you personally, how it differs from other practices and the structure of the course itself.

Introductory talks are free of charge. You can learn everything you need to know in order to make a confident and informed decision whether or not to start the practice.

Please call us at +91-8800345408 to book you free seat.

Date Time Location Title Places Sortable Date
Mon Jul 23rd 11:00 Green Park C-6, Second Floor, Green Park Main, Opposite Chand Begum, New Delhi Introductory Talk on Transcendental Meditation Available Details 20180723
Mon Jul 23rd 18:30 Noida Maharishi Peace Palace, BH-54, Sector-70, Noida Introductory Talk on Transcendental Meditation Available Details 20180723

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An effortless technique

Personal experience on day of learning TM:

"TM helped me immensely to: cope with learning, concentrating, memorizing and excelling in my academic life. It helped me through the stressful exam schedules and rigorous routines that were required in becoming a medical graduate. The daily 20-30 minute meditation sessions, helped me cope and sail through it all with confidence making it all seem so natural and effortless!"