Transcendental Meditation Reduces Stress Naturally

Stress is a fact of life - but it doesn't need to be.

Everyone is aware of the negative effects of stress. It decreases performance, harms relationships and creates physical wear and tear. In short, it curtails enjoyment of life. Furthermore it tends to build up in the system over the course of a lifetime. Even a good night's sleep or an extended holiday does not enable us to recover fully.

Hormones and Behavior 1978 10(1):54-60

Creating a balanced outlook

There may or may not be things we can do to reorganise our lives externally in order to help to reduce stress. But whether or not this is an option, internally Transcendental Meditation actually eliminates the effects of stress, physiologically. When practised regularly, this results in a more balanced outlook, more energy, motivation and a deeper appreciation of things.

And the ability to handle stressful situations

Because each individual is different, the balancing effects of Transcendental Meditation may bring different benefits for different people, such as fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy or better relationships. However, one benefit that the majority of people share is that they can generally handle stressful situations better after learning Transcendental Meditation.

How TM reduces stress (6 mins)
Dr Oz, Heart Surgeon

Research on stress

Read information from doctors and scientific researchers on how Transcendental Meditation increases mental well-being, health, and longevity, while reducing health damaging behaviour.

Transcendental Meditation, stress and the brain

Transcendental Meditation, stress and the heart

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"In many published research studies, the  Transcendental Meditation technique has been shown to be the most effective technique for reducing stress and rebalancing the biochemicals in the body to produce improved physical and mental health. This has been corroborated by research showing that practice of the TM technique reduces health care utilization by 50%."

Dr. Hari Sharma, M.D., FRCPC-

Former Director of Cancer Prevention and Natural Products Research, Department of Pathology, The Ohio State University College of Medicine