Course Fees for Transcendental Meditation

Our course fees cover the full six-month programme, teaching you the technique and helping you become thoroughly self-sufficient in the practice of Transcendental Meditation. We'll give you as as much personal attention as you need to be confident in meditating.

Please contact the centre for information on fee.

Learning for children

Parent's consent is required before a child  under 18 years of age learns Transcendental Meditation.

Children under 10 learn a technique specially suited to their stage of development. At least one parent should be practising Transcendental Meditation before a child under 10 learns, along with the consent of the other parent.

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Michael Andrew, TM meditator

Michael Andrew
Financial Advisor

"15-20 years ago I actually went to a Transcendental Meditation meeting and, for all the wrong reasons, I decided against it. The cost is a tiny amount relative to how it can change your life. Transcendental Meditation has given me inner peace that I didn't believe I had."