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Centre Chairperson:
Telephone: 91-11-40909025
Location: Maharishi Bhavan
2nd Floor, Patel Avenue,
Ahmedabad, 380054

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This is the first step in learning Transcendental Meditation. Your local teachers will explain how learning this simple technique may benefit you personally, how it differs from other practices and the structure of the course itself. You can book an Introductory talk free of charge and learn everything you need to know in order to make a confident and informed decision whether or not to start the practice.

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Kiran Enjapuram, Student:

"In my seventh standard I was very weak in my studies. My parents used to scold me very much. Then they took me to Transcendental Meditation centre. There I learned meditation, then I started practising daily. Afterwards I realized I got some power - Willpower and Self-confidence.I achieved 86% in my tenth standard and I got good college SIES and now I am preparing for IIT. "